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The service class (Gravatar.NET.GravatarService) is the entry point to the functionality exposed by the library.

The service exposes two sets of methods, the first being the public API methods called synchronously and the second being those same methods only called asynchronously. The latter methods are aptly suffixed with xxxxAsync.

These are the currently public methods exposed by Gravatar:

Methods Implemented Async Implemented Description
Test yes yes Test connection and credentials
Exists yes yes Check if an address or a list of addresses exist on Gravatar
Addresses yes yes Get a list of email addresses and the image associated with them for the account
UserImages yes yes Get a list of the images uploaded for this account
SaveData yes yes Save an image to Gravatar from a byte array
SaveUrl yes yes Save an image to Gravatar from a URL
UseUserImage yes yes Select an image to be the active one for this account
RemoveImage no no Unclear what this method actually does
DeleteUserImage yes yes Deletes the specified image from the account

When making a request using one of the methods the service exposes the last request's raw XML using the LastRequestXml property.

Besides the API methods the service class also has methods to return the URL of the currently activated image for an email address. The instance method to use is GetGravatarUrl and the static method GetGravatarUrlForAddress

see: Initializing the service page

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