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The XML-RPC defines the structure of how parameters are passed back and forth between the client and the server.

The Gravatar.NET library wraps these types in .NET classes, these reside in the Gravatar.NET.Data namespace:

GravatarParameter is the class that handles the different types of an XML-RPC parameter and so the type can be detected by using the Type property of this class.

The type of a parameter can be one of the following enumerations: String, Integer, Bool, Array or Struct..
Therefore the GravatarParameter object has the corresponding properties: StringValue, IntegerValue, BooleanValue, ArrayValue and StructValue.

In addition the library defines the following types to help the client application handle the information returned from Gravatar in a more manageable way, reducing the need to actually use individual parameters:

GravatarAddress : Used in the response to the Addresses method. An instance of this class contains the email address and the details of the image associated with this address.

GravatarSaveResponse : Used in the response to the SaveData or SaveUrl methods. An instance of this class contains the result of whether the save was successful or not as well as the identifier of the new image if the save was successful.

GravatarUserImage : Used in the response to the UserImages method. An instance of this class contains the details of an image associated with an account: Identifier, Rating and URL.

All of the Data classes use the DataContractAttribute to allow for easy serialization.

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