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Gravatar.NET is a library that wraps the Gravatar API allowing developers to easily make use of all of its methods to allow their users to create, delete and choose their on-line avatar photo without leaving the application. It's developed in C#.

The first implementation of the Gravatar ( xml-rpc API ( in .NET.

There are several examples and controls available that show how to retrieve an image from the Gravatar service but none that fully encompass the API methods.

The Gravatar API exposes all of the necessary methods to create new photos. activate a photo out of the ones already uploaded, delete photos, etc.


  • Covers the following Gravatar API methods
  1. Test
  2. Exists
  3. Addresses
  4. UserImages
  5. SaveData
  6. SaveUrl
  7. UseUserImages
  8. DeleteUserImage
  • Methods to return the active image for an email address
  1. Simply pass the email address to return the Gravatar URL of the image.
  2. Supply additional parameters to return the image in different size, rating or a default image if the requested doesn't exist.
  • All methods are also implemented using an asynchronous pattern.

Supported .NET Frameworks

  • 4.0
  • 3.5

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